Table 1

Characteristics of participants of the dark room prone provocative test (DRPPT) and basic measurements

Age (years)52.510.830–67
IOP at baseline (mm Hg)–24.0
IOP at the end of DRPPT (mm Hg)23.94.318.3–34.3
IOP rise (mm Hg)–11.6
Axial length (mm)22.70.621.5–23.9
Anterior chamber depth (mm)–2.68
Central corneal thickness (µm)55732511–603
Horizontal BMO diameter (mm)1.760.181.42–2.27
Vertical BMO diameter (mm)1.840.221.48–2.59
Maximum length of parapapillary atrophy (µm)4021560–829
Horizontal cup width (mm)0.970.240.54–1.48
Vertical cup width (mm)–1.62
Cup depth (mm)0.550.220.17–0.99
Disc tilt0.900.080.74–1.06
Scope of measurement (mm)0.490.160.11–0.85
LCPMD (µm)–77.2
  • IOP, intraocular pressure; BMO, Bruch’s membrane opening;

  • LCPMD, mean lamina cribrosa pore moving distance.