Table 3

Associations of the mean lamina cribrosa pore moving distance (LCPMD), the intralamina range and intralamina SD of LCPMD in a multivariate analysis

Correlation coefficient95% CI of correlation coefficientStandard correlation coefficientP value
 Rise of IOP2.330.57 to 4.090.380.011
 Cup depth24.235.05 to 43.410.360.015
Intralamina range of the LCPMD
 Age−0.39−0.69 to −0.09−0.370.012
 Cup width (mean)20.334.53 to 36.130.370.013
Intralamina SD of LCPMD
 Age−0.17−0.31 to −0.03−0.350.021
 Cup width (mean)8.761.32 to 16.210.350.022
  • IOP, intraocular pressure.