Table 1

Topographical distribution of the tumour centroids of 113 circumscribed choroidal haemangiomas in various fundus hemispheres and the distances from the posterior tumour margin to the foveola and optic disc margin, according to binary patient and tumour characteristics

Binary variablesEyesHemisphere (n)Distance (mean±SD, mm)
n TNP*ULP value*FoveolaP value†Optic discP value†
Age <58 years5633230.1131250.341.6±2.40.922.1±2.50.07
Age≥58 years57421537201.7±2.42.7±2.0
Right eye6242200.8436260.701.8±2.60.982.7±2.50.14
Left eye51331832191.6±2.02.0±2.0
Basal diameter/height ratio <35032180.6927230.251.7±±2.40.78
Basal diameter/height ratio ≥363432041221.7±2.82.4±2.1
Presence of subretinal fluid7644320.006‡47290.681.8±±2.20.004‡
Absence of subretinal fluid3731621161.4±3.03.2±2.1
  • *P values calculated using the Fisher’s exact test.

  • †P values calculated using the Mann–Whitney U-test.

  • ‡P values, which also remained statistically significant after Bonferroni correction for multiple comparisons.

  • L, lower; N, nasal; T, temporal; U, upper.