Table 2

Comparison of structural parameters in the control group and NDR group

ParametersControl group (n=62)NDR group
P value
VD of SCP (parafovea, %)52.47±4.3149.97±4.45 0.002**
VD of SCP (perifovea, %)50.42±3.7348.12±4.01 0.001**
VD of DCP (parafovea, %)55.99±4.0952.70±4.51 <0.001**
VD of DCP (perifovea, %)52.71±6.5648.62±6.39 0.001**
FD300 (%)55.49±4.2851.13±5.55 <0.001**
GCC thickness (μm)98.26±6.4698.80±7.500.661
Peripapillary VD (%)52.48±2.7350.27±4.10 <0.001**
RNFL thickness (μm)115.06±10.61109.85±11.50 0.009**
  • *P<0.05; **P<0.01.

  • DCP, deep capillary plexus; FD300, foveal density in a 300 µm wide region around foveal avascular zone; GCC, ganglion cell complex; NDR, patients with diabetes without clinically detectable retinopathy; RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; SCP, superficial capillary plexus; VD, vessel density.