Table 6

Multiple regression models of (A) 16 Tds implicit time and (B) 32 Tds implicit time (dependent variables) with variables that showed significant associations in univariate analyses (independent variables)

β95% CIStandardised βP value
VD of SCP (parafovea)−0.266−0.472 to 0.059−0.6350.013*
VD of SCP (perifovea)0.131−0.122 to 0.3850.2760.303
VD of DCP (perifovea)−0.039−0.128 to 0.050−0.1350.381
FD300−0.012−0.086 to 0.1110.0370.801
GCC thickness−0.008−0.076 to 0.060−0.0300.818
HbA1c0.3500.184 to 0.5160.461<0.001**
Adjusted R2=0.360
VD of SCP (parafovea)−0.253−0.428 to 0.078−0.6640.005**
VD of SCP (perifovea)0.076−0.139 to 0.2910.1750.483
VD of DCP (perifovea)−0.033−0.109 to 0.042−0.1260.382
FD3000.023−0.061 to 0.1060.0740.588
GCC thickness0.006−0.051 to 0.0640.0270.824
HbA1c0.3280.187 to 0.4690.474<0.001**
Adjusted R2=0.444
  • *P<0.05; **P<0.01.

  • DCP, deep capillary plexus; FD300, foveal density in a 300 μm wide region around foveal avascular zone; GCC, ganglion cell complex; SCP, superficial capillary plexus; VD, vessel density.