Table 2

Showing the number and percentage of patients on glaucoma medication and mean values±SD of mean deviation (MD) and pattern SD (PSD) of patients in the groups of ocular hypertension (OHT), high-tensions glaucoma (HTG) and normal-tension glaucoma (NTG)

Prostaglandin analogues31 (58.5%)37 (78%)23 (69.7%)0.260
β-blockers7 (13.2%)20 (42.5%)11 (30.5%)0.058
CA-inh5 (9.4%)17 (36.1%)10 (27.7%)0.053
α agonist3 (5.7%)4 (8.5%)1 (2.8%)0.837
Mean Deviation−1.46±1.90−7.60±8.45−6.79±6.28<0.001
Post hoc p value<0.0011.000
Pattern Standard Deviation1.99±1.368.40±10.756.58±3.88<0.001
Post hoc p value<0.0010.199
  • P values express the difference between the groups. When applicable post hoc p values are between NTG and the other groups.

  • CA-inh, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.