Table 1

Demographics and ocular characteristics for patients with ocular hypertension (OHT), primary open-angle glaucoma high-tension glaucoma (HTG), normal-tension glaucoma (NTG) and healthy eye controls, mean±SD

NormalOHTHTGNTGP value
No of eyes37454133NA
Eye (right/left)22/1525/1520/1612/180.619
Sex (male/female)10/2718/2220/1615/150.003
CCT (µm)553±33547±53522±31504±34<0.001
Age (years)71.8±10.360±12.070.9±10.375.1±9.5<0.001
bIOP (mm Hg)13.4±2.817.0±4.114.8±3.112.9±2.3<0.001
GAT-IOP (mm Hg)16.4±2.422.1±4.817.2±4.913.7±1.8<0.001
GATAdj (mm Hg)15.3±2.720.8±5.518.6±4.316.3±2.7<0.001
  • CCT, central corneal thickness; GATAdj, Goldmann applanation tonometry intraocular pressure adjusted for pachymetry; GAT-IOP, Intraocular pressure measured by Goldmann applanation tonometry; NA, not applicable; bIOP, biomechanically-corrected intraocular pressure estimate provided by the Corvis ST.