Table 2

Difference in vessel densities and foveal avascular zone area between amyloid-positive and amyloid-negative participants

Aβ+ versus Aβ–
DifferenceRaw p value95% CIAdjusted p value
Retinal vessel density
 Inner ring macula0.81<0.0010.36 to 1.260.002
 Outer ring macula0.500.0120.11 to 0.900.024
 Around optic nerve head0.830.0050.25 to 1.420.015
Foveal avascular zone (mm2)−0.020.387−0.05 to 0.020.387
  • Adjusted p values were calculated using the Holm-Bonferroni method.

  • GEE, corrected for age, gender, scan quality and diagnosis of diabetes.

  • Aβ, amyloid-beta; GEE, generalised estimating equation.