Table 1

Demographics of the study population

Number of participants (N)124
Age (years)68.6 (±6.3)
Sex, female N (%)66 (53.2)
BCVA (logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution)0.01 (±0.09)
IOP (mm Hg)14.2 (±2.6)
Spherical equivalent0.40 (±1.82)
MMSE (median, IQR)29.0 (29.0–30.0)
Brain amyloid status, positive N (%)13 (10.5)
Global BP ND of Aβ (median, IQR)0.122 (0.095–0.177)
Retinal vessel density
 Inner ring macula17.3 (±1.3)
 Outer ring macula17.6 (±1.2)
 Around optic nerve head18.1 (±1.3)
Foveal avascular zone (mm2)0.22 (±0.09)
  • Data are means unless otherwise specified.

  • Aβ, amyloid-beta; BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity (both eyes averaged); BPND, non-displaceable binding potential; IOP, intraocular pressure (both eyes averaged); MMSE, Mini-Mental State Exam.