Table 2

Means (±SDs) of intraoperative parameters in the FLACS and CPS groups

ParameterFLACS groupCPS groupP value*
EPT (s)0.6±0.30.6±0.30.70
BSS use (mL)67.0±17.655.4±13.6 < 0.001
Irrigation/aspiration time for cortex removal (s)83.5±37.849.3±32.8 < 0.001
OR time (min)8.0±2.86.6±1.9 < 0.001
  • Bold values indicate significance. Means (+/- SDs) of intraoperative parameteres in the FLACS and CPS groups.

  • *Wilcoxon signed-rank test.

  • BSS, balanced salt solution; CDE, cumulative dissipated energy; CPS, conventional phacoemulsification surgery; EPT, effective phacoemulsification time; FLACS, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery; OR, operating room.