Table 1

Baseline demographics data of all and the completed subjects

Baseline demographic data, mean (SD)Mean (SD)
DIMS (n=93)SV (n=90)DIMS (n=79)SV (n=81)
Age at enrolment (years)10.19±1.4610.01±1.4410.20±1.4710.00±1.45
 Male, % (n)59.1 (55)55.6 (50)58.2 (46)54.3 (44)
 Female, % (n)40.9 (38)44.4 (40)41.8 (33)45.7 (37)
Cycloplegic autorefraction in SER (D)−2.93±1.04−2.70±0.98−2.97±0.97−2.76±0.96
Axial length (mm)24.85±1.5924.72±1.3024.70±0.8224.60±0.83
Corneal power at steep meridian (D)44.46±1.6744.39±1.6944.5±1.6144.5±1.65
Corneal power at flat meridian (D)43.14±1.4143.09±1.4543.2±1.4143.2±1.44
Near phoria, Δ−1.96±3.93−0.98±3.53−2.16±4.07−0.15±3.28
Accommodation lag (D)0.97±0.491.06±0.400.98±0.421.04±0.35
Myopics parents, n
  • Δ, prism dioptres; AL, axial length; D, dioptres;DIMS, Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments spectacle lens; SER, spherical equivalent refraction; SV, single vision spectacle lens.