Table 2

Changes in the cycloplegic spherical equivalent refraction and axial length (from baseline) in the DIMS and the SV groups

DIMS (n=79)SV (n=81)Mean difference (SE)
Time/visitSER changes in dioptres, mean (SE)
 6 months−0.13±0.03−0.37±0.04−0.24±0.05*
 12 months−0.17±0.05−0.55±0.04−0.38±0.07*
 18 months−0.31±0.06−0.72±0.05−0.42±0.08*
 24 months−0.38±0.06−0.93±0.06−0.55±0.09*
Time/visitChanges in AL (mm), mean (SE)
 6 months0.03±0.010.20±0.010.16±0.02*
 12 months0.11±0.020.32±0.020.21±0.02*
 18 months0.15±0.020.43±0.020.27±0.03*
 24 months0.21±0.020.53±0.030.32±0.04*
  • *Statistically significant difference between two experimental groups (unpaired t-tests, p<0.0001).

  • Δ, prism dioptres;D, dioptres;DIMS, Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments spectacle lens; SER, spherical equivalent refraction; SV, single vision spectacle lens.