Table 1

Patient demographics, baseline characteristics and treatment history

Patient demographics
Age, yearsMean (SD)77.0 (6.5)
Median (min, max)77.0 (57, 90)
Sex, malen (%)45 (45.0)
Baseline characteristics
AMD location, n (%)Subfoveal90 (90.0)
Extrafoveal7 (7.0)
Not gradable3 (3.0)
CNV subtype, n (%)Predominantly classic12 (12.0)
Minimal classic3 (3.0)
Occult (no RAP, no PCV)71 (71.0)
Occult – RAP2 (2.0)
Occult – PCV0 (0.0)
RPE tear0 (0.0)
Not gradable10 (10.0)
Disciform scar2 (2.0)
CSRT, μmMean (SD)409.41 (142.8)
Median (min, max)384.00 (154.0, 975.0)
BCVA in the study eye, lettersMean (SD)68.7 (12.65)
Median (min, max)71.5 (36, 90)
Treatment history
Duration of aflibercept treatment prior to switch, days*Mean (SD)325.5 (160.0)
Median (min, max)295.5 (63, 933)
Number of aflibercept injections receivedMean (SD)7.8 (3.0)
Median (min, max)7.0 (3, 16)
Aflibercept retreatment interval, days†Mean (SD)47.16 (8.4)
Median (min, max)47.25 (31.0, 81.9)
  • Full analysis set.

  • *Duration=date of last aflibercept injection–date of first aflibercept injection+1

  • †Retreatment interval=(date of last aflibercept injection–date of first aflibercept injection) / (total number of aflibercept injections–1), defined only for patients with >1 aflibercept injections. The retreatment interval for the monthly and bimonthly data were collected together.

  • AMD, age-related macular degeneration; BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CNV, choroidal neovascularisation; CSRT, central subfield retinal thickness; PCV, polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy; RAP, retinal angiomatous proliferation; RPE, retinal pigment epithelium.