Table 1

Clinical characteristics of family with TUBB3 mutation

Corrected VALimited horizontal ductionLimited vertical duction
IDR EyeL EyeR EyeL Eye
GenderAgeRef (RE)Ref (LE)AHP (D)RELEType of strabismusBinocularityPtosisAbAdAbAdUpDnUpDn
F1:II-2M7+3.50+3.50Right Tilt0.28 (6/12+1)0.28 (6/12+1)Right HoT150”Nil0000−3000
F1:II-1M12+4.50+5.00Chin up0.30 (6/12)0.22 (6/9–1)Right HoT150”Nil0000−3000
F1:I-1M39−9.38−13.00Chin up0.50 (6/18)1.00 (6/60)Left ETNilBilateral00−20−2−2−2−2
  • AHP (D), anomalous head posture (for distance); Ab, abduction; Ad, adduction; ET, esotropia; HoT, hypotropia; LE, left eye; RE, right eye; Ref, refraction (spherical equivalent); VA, visual acuity in logMAR (and Snellen).