Table 1

Baseline (2008) characteristics of eligible participants included in and excluded from analysis

VariableRespondentsNon-respondentsP value
No. of subjects186134 < 0.001
Age, year64.7±7.069.4±7.9 < 0.001
Gender (M/F)74/11245/890.257*
Weight, kg56.4±9.056.3±10.50.973
Height, cm155.9±8.2154.8±8.70.224
SBP, mm Hg135.0±21.8140.7±21.7 0.023
DBP, mm Hg72.3±12.871.9±12.30.767
SE, dioptre1.1±2.51.6±2.20.066
Biometric parameter
AL, mm23.8±5.724.8±11.50.287
ACD, mm2.8±0.52.8±1.00.644
LT, mm5.8±9.87.0±14.20.403
IOP, mm Hg14.1±2.813.6±3.00.128
TISA500, mm2 0.077±0.050.078±0.050.919
ARA750, mm0.158±0.100.156±0.090.846
IT750, mm0.450±0.180.455±0.180.812
Iarea, mm2 1.569±0.481.591±0.290.631
ACW, mm11.74±0.4411.66±0.470.089
ACA, mm2 18.94±2.8917.93±3.34 0.004
LV, μm573.5±246.2651.4±278.7 0.008
PD, mm4.319±1.143.97±1.23 0.009
ΔTISA500, mm2 0.218±0.0320.020±0.0290.514
ΔARA, mm2 0.045±0.0650.041±0.0540.516
ΔIT750, mm−0.755±0.166−0.632±0.1620.509
ΔIarea, mm2 0.271±0.4150.256±0.2670.731
ΔACW, mm0.052±0.1970.024±0.1600.178
ΔACA, mm2 −0.707±0.271−0.644±0.3040.057
ΔLV, μm20.4±70.911.7±63.30.259
ΔPD, mm−1.678±1.112−1.241±1.210 0.001
  • Bold indicates statistical significance.

  • *Fisher exact probability test.

  • Δ, light-to-dark changes (dark minus light); ACA, anterior chamber area; ACD, anterior chamber depth; ACW, anterior chamber width; AL, axial length; ARA, angle recess area;BP, blood pressure;DBP, diastolic blood pressure; IOP, intraocular pressure; IT750, iris thickness at 750 µm; Iarea, iris area; LT, lens thickness; LV, lens vault; PD, pupil diameter; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SE, spherical equivalent; TISA500, trabecular iris space area at 500 µm.