Table 1

Demographic characteristics of the patients at the initial examination

High myopia group
Control group
P value
Age (years, mean±SD)40.6±13.442.4±13.40.494*
Sex (males, %)39 (66.1%)36 (60.0%)0.639†
SE (diopters, median, IQR)−8.00 (−10.75 to −6.00)−1.50 (−3.25 to −0.25) < 0.001*
BCVA (logMAR, mean±SD)−0.05±0.23−0.05±0.080.961*
IOP (mm Hg, mean±SD)15.6±2.214.9±2.40.102*
Keratometry (mean±SD)42.31±2.0343.24±1.82 0.015*
Axial length (mm, median, IQR)27.48 (27.05 to 29.17)24.55 (24.19 to 25.54) < 0.001*
ACD (mm, mean±SD)3.73±0.463.61±0.400.136*
RCC (mm, mean±SD)7.99±0.407.82±0.33 0.023*
  • Values in bold face (p<0.05) are statistically significant.

  • *Independent t-test.

  • †χ2 test.

  • ACD, anterior chamber depth; BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; IOP, intraocular pressure; RCC, radius of corneal curvature; SE, spherical equivalent; logMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution.