Table 2

AL at each visit in the high myopia and control groups

High myopia groupP valueControl groupP value
Baseline AL28.19±1.7924.67±0.99
First year28.22±1.810.39724.68±0.980.153
Second year28.27±1.83 < 0.001 24.71±0.99 0.001
Third year28.30±1.86 0.012 24.72±1.000.055
Fourth year28.36±1.87 0.002 24.72±1.010.825
  • Values in boldface p<0.013 after Bonferroni correction are statistically significant. All values are expressed as the mean±SD (mm).

  • Paired t-test was used for difference with previous measurement.

  • AL, axial length.