Table 1

Baseline characteristics and intraoperative data of patients who underwent macula-off RRD surgery

Number of eyes/patients, n253
Sex, n (%)
 Male156 (61.7)
 Female97 (38.3)
Preoperative lens status, n (%)
 Phakic155 (61.3)
 Pseudophakic98 (38.7)
Axial length (mm, mean±SD)24.8±1.7
Preoperative BCVA (logMAR, mean±SD)1.7±0.6
Macula-off duration (days, mean±SD)10.1±16.0
Extent of retinal detachment (quadrants, mean±SD)2.7±0.8
Number of breaks (mean±SD)1.9±1.4
Proliferative vitreoretinopathy, n (%)n=199
 None72 (36.2)
 Grade A36 (18.1)
 Grade B64 (32.2)
 Grade C27 (13.5)
Preoperative SD-OCT characteristics, nn=99
 SRF height, µm, mean±SD824±500
 Baseline ELM integrity, n (%)
  Disrupted76 (77)
  Intact23 (23)
 Baseline EZ integrity, n(%)
  Disrupted99 (100)
 Presence of ONL cavities, n(%)83 (86)
 Presence of INL cavities, n(%)40 (47)
Retinal surgery, n(%)
 Scleral buckling (SB)23 (9.1)
 PPV230 (90.9)
Tamponade materials, n (%)
 SF6152 (66.1)
 C2F628 (12.2)
 C3F86 (2.6)
 Silicone oil44 (19.1)
 None (SB surgery)23
Postoperative lens status, n (%)
 Phakic48 (19.0)
 Pseudophakic205 (81.0)
  Preoperative pseudophakic eyes98
  PPV combined with cataract surgery61
  Cataract surgery during the follow-up46
  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; ELM, external limiting membrane; EZ, ellipsoid zone; INL, inner nuclear layer; logMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; ONL, outer nuclear layer; PPV, pars plana vitrectomy; RRD, rhegmatogenous retinal detachment; SB, scleral buckling; SD-OCT, spectral-domain optical coherence tomography; SRF, subretinal fluid.