Table 1

Association of baseline factors with the change in absolute BCVA between baseline and month 12 or month 24

ParameterEstimateSEP value
Month 12
 Baseline (letters)0.85490.0186<0.0001
 Age (years)−0.09390.03370.0053
 Lesion size (DA)−0.45270.0934<0.0001
 Treatment (ranibizumab vs control)4.03670.5003<0.0001
 Time (months)1.57490.56050.0050
 Time (months)*Baseline (letters)−0.02010.0033<0.0001
 Time (months)*Age (years)−0.01830.00630.0037
 Time (months)*Treatment (ranibizumab vs control)1.47350.0895<0.0001
 Time (months)*Lesion size (DA)−0.04070.01750.0201
Month 24
 Baseline (letters)0.81840.0219<0.0001
 Age (years)−0.12170.04100.0030
 Lesion size (DA)−0.51100.1263<0.0001
 Treatment (ranibizumab vs control)7.63400.6259<0.0001
 Time (months)1.14290.2783<0.0001
 Time (months)*Baseline (letters)−0.01290.0018<0.0001
 Time (months)*Age (years)−0.01300.0032<0.0001
 Time (months)*Treatment (ranibizumab vs control)0.76100.0494<0.0001
 Time (months)*Lesion size (DA)−0.02700.01020.0082
  • * in the table indicates the interaction between two terms in the analysis model

  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; DA, disc area.