Table 1

Clinical characteristics

VariablesPOAG (n=124)SE− group (n=84)SE+ group (n=40)P value
Age (years)*45.5±12.644.2±11.048.2±15.30.105
Gender (male/female)†78/4650/3428/120.322
Spherical equivalent (D)*−8.66±3.16−8.01±2.47−10.03±3.96 0.005
Axial length (mm)*27.30±1.3926.92±0.9928.11±1.73 <0.001
Central corneal thickness (μm)*539.2±52.5538.2±46.1541.2±64.50.767
Pretreatment IOP (mm Hg)*15.5±3.915.4±4.315.6±3.20.821
IOP at examination (mm Hg)*12.1±2.212.0±2.312.5±1.90.272
VF MD (dB)*−9.18±5.71−8.97±6.20−9.63±4.580.508
VF PSD (dB)*8.79±4.088.82±4.368.71±3.480.880
Global RNFL thickness (μm)*68.0±21.864.7±12.672.5±33.80.168
OCTA parapapillary vessel density (%)*53.4±6.054.6±5.851.1±5.7 0.003
  • Statistically significant values are shown in bold.

  • *Values are the mean SD unless otherwise specified. P value between subgroups was calculated by Student’s t-test.

  • †P value between subgroups was calculated by the X2 test.

  • dB, decibel; D, diopter; IOP, intraocular pressure; MD, mean deviation; OCTA, optical coherence tomography angiography; POAG, primary open-angle glaucoma; PSD, pattern SD; RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; SE, segmentation error; VF, visual field.