Table 2

Schedule of assessments

Baseline6 months12 months18 months24 months
Adverse events
EQ-5D-Y Questionnaire
Activities questionnaire – to be sent home with participant for completion
Best-corrected VA (logMAR ETDRS)
Near VA (near logMAR ETDRS)
Iris colour
Reading speed (Wilkins Rate of Reading Test)
Pupil diameter prior to cycloplegia (autorefractor)
Accommodation (autorefractor)
Peripheral retinal defocus (autorefractor)
Anterior chamber depth (laser biometer)
Cycloplegic refractive error (autorefractor)
Ciliary body biometry (AS-OCT)*
Central axial length (laser biometer)
Peripheral axial length (laser biometer)
Chorioretinal thickness (SD-OCT)
  • ✔✔ means before and after cycloplegia.

  • *If instrumentation is available.

  • VA, visual acuity.