Table 2

Factors predicting ΔECD determined by generalised estimating equation model adjusting for within-patient intereye correlations

Independant variableMean±SDUnstandardised coefficientsStandardised coefficients95% CIP value
Lower limitUpper limit
Vault (μm)401±1960.2050.6250.0970.3130.000
C-ICL (μm)2420±2460.1030.4030.0300.1750.006
ΔACA (°)78.10±21.593.8170.3180.7986.8360.013
ΔACV (μL)0.18±0.150.3530.118−0.3591.0650.332
ΔACD (mm)13.06±5.3635.7490.083−45.953117.4510.391
ACD (mm)29.96±0.223.8760.013−45.01252.7650.877
  • Variables in the table body are ordered according to the strength of the contribution, which was based on the standardised coefficient.

  • Δ Variable=preoperative variable − postoperative variable (the last follow-up).

  • ACA, anterior chamber angle; ACD, anterior chamber depth; ACV, anterior chamber volume; C-ICL, the distance between corneal endothelium and central ICL; ECD, endothelium cell density.