Table 4

Type of patient-reported outcome measure (PROM)

Name of PROMNumber of studiesPercentage
Able to manage activities of daily living without glasses15
Cataract Symptom Score210
Cataract TyPE Questionnaire15
Modified Cataract TyPE Questionnaire15
Modified V7 questionnaire15
Rasch-scaled VF-11 (VF-11R) scores used after removing 3 questions from VF-1415
Self-reported overall health (0–10)15
Self-reported rating of vision210
Self-reported satisfaction1050
Self-reported satisfaction with vision after surgery15
Spectacle independence
 VQOL (vision-related quality of life)15
Visual symptoms (glare, haloes, and so on)1470
Would patients choose the same IOL again?15
  • IOL, intraocular lens.