Table 2

Mean and SD of change in ocular comfort and tear film characteristics after 28 days of treatment (28 days minus baseline)

Formulated eye drop (n=21)Control eye drop (n=21)P value
Inferior LLT (nm)−5.1±22.2−3.2±21.80.65
TER (gm−2h)−10.8±16.70.7±10.8 0.014
TBUT (s)2.0±3.00.0±3.1 0.055
Corneal staining (0–4)−0.2±0.60.0±0.50.64
OSDI (0–100)−19.6±10.9−10.7±7.1 0.005
Symptoms (0–100)
 Body sensation−20.8±20.4−15.0±17.90.30
 Blurry vision−13.6±22.5−20.6±29.80.14
 Overall discomfort−14.7±15.1−10.7±17.50.30
  • LLT, lipid layer thickness; OSDI, Ocular Surface Disease Index; TBUT, tear break-up time; TER, tear evaporation rate.