Table 4

Correlations of best Snellen corrected visual acuity (BCVA), mean deviation (MD) and central foveal thickness (CFT) with disease duration in patients with different types of USH2A mutations

rP valuerP valuerP value
BCVA versus duration−0.574<0.001−0.2840.001−0.528<0.001
 −≤10 years−0.4330.025−0.4440.012−0.6840.031
 −10 to 20 years−0.1520.338−0.3390.045−0.1320.327
 −>20 years−0.3840.005−0.0020.493−0.0380.436
MD versus duration−0.3150.027−0.2450.024−0.2390.155
 −≤10 years−0.3000.171−0.0300.454−0.1200.411
 −10 to 20 years−0.8940.053−0.3520.108−0.8940.053
 −>20 years−0.5250.006−0.2200.106−0.3030.197
CFT versus duration−0.1770.154−0.455<0.001−0.010.481
 −≤10 years−0.773−0.004−0.040.437−0.8940.053
 −10 to 20 years−0.0510.452−0.0130.480−0.0490.446
 −>20 years−0.6730.002−0.5400.007−0.2780.219
  • BCVA, best Snellen corrected visual acuity; CFT, center foveal thickness; M, missense; MD, mean deviation; RP, retinitis pigmentosa; SNFO, splice-site, nonsense, frameshift, or others (readthrough, gross deletions and small indels); USH2, Usher syndrome type IIa.