Table 1

Clinical characteristics of the highly myopic participants of macular hole associated macular detachment who underwent PPV or MB surgery

PPVMBP value
No. of eyes2425
Sex (M:F)4:203:220.70
Age (years)54.60±10.1354.92±10.100.91
AL (mm)29.03±1.9429.15±1.780.82
RE (D)−11.03±4.96−10.58±3.340.75
IOP (mm Hg)14.56±3.2614.32±2.520.24
BCVA preop (logMAR)1.49±0.531.59±0.490.53
  • AL, axial length; BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; ; IOP, intraocular pressure; MB, macular buckling; MM, myopic maculopathy; PPV, pars plana vitrectomy; RE, refractive error.