Table 4

Multiple regression analysis of factors associated with retinal layer thickness changes

coefficientStandard coefficientP valuecoefficientStandard coefficientP valuecoefficientStandard coefficientP value
Baseline age−0.67±0.19−0.16<0.01*−0.50±0.14−0.16<0.01*−0.31±0.07−0.16<0.01*
Baseline SER0.75±0.260.13<0.01*0.45±
SER change//////1.22±0.470.09<0.01*
  • R2 for the RT model=0.0657; R2 for the GCC model=0.0587; R2 for the ORL model=0.0323.

  • *P<0.05 after Bonferroni correction.

  • GCC, ganglion cell complex; ORL, outer retinal layer; RT, retinal thickness; SER, spherical equivalent refraction.