Table 1

Comparison of specifications and energy settings between pattern scanning laser trabeculoplasty and selective laser trabeculoplasty

Pattern scanning laser trabeculoplasty Selective lasertrabeculoplasty
Laser wavelength Optically pumped semiconductor laser 577 nmQ-switched, frequency-doubled, Nd:YAG laser 532 nm
Laser spot diameter 100 µm400 µm
Laser energy per pulse 2.5 mJ – 3.5 mJ0.6–1.2 mJ
Laser pulse length 5 ms3 ns
Energy delivered per mm2 318–446 mJ4.8–9.5 mJ
*Number of applications for 360° treatment 1248100
Total energy delivered for 360° treatment 3120–4368 mJ60–120 mJ
  • *The number of laser applications is fixed at 1248 for 360° of trabecular meshwork treatment with pattern scanning laser trabeculoplasty whereas the number of laser applications may vary for 360° of trabecular meshwork treatment with selective laser trabeculoplasty.