Table 1

Baseline characteristics of participants who completed the 12-month follow-up in each treatment group

Age (years)10.7±0.210.1±0.210.4±0.2
 Male, % (n)48 (26)33 (18)56 (29)
Cycloplegic SER (D)−2.70±0.14−2.31±0.13−2.46±0.12
AL (mm)24.76±0.0924.43±0.1024.77±0.09
*Near phoria (Δ)−2.36±0.90−2.24±0.88−1.86±0.92
*Accommodative lag at 33 cm (D)0.94±0.051.09±0.041.03±0.05
Age of myopia onset (years)9.3±0.29.3±0.29.4±0.2
Myopic parents, % (n)
 033 (18)22 (12)23 (12)
 137 (20)42 (23)37 (19)
 230 (16)36 (20)40 (21)
  • Data are presented as the means±SEs, unless stated otherwise.

  • *Measured using the best corrected study device after dispensing.

  • Δ, prism diopters; AL, axial length; D, diopters; HAL, spectacle lenses with highly aspherical lenslets; SAL, spectacle lenses with slightly aspherical lenslets; SER, spherical equivalent refraction; SVL, single-vision spectacle lenses.