Table 2

Unadjusted mean changes in SER and AL in each treatment group

P value
Cycloplegic SER (D)
 6 months−0.10±0.04−0.17±0.04−0.34±0.04<0.001*
 12 months−0.27±0.06−0.48±0.05−0.81±0.06<0.001*
AL (mm)
 6 months0.08±0.010.14±0.010.20±0.01<0.001*
 12 months0.13±0.020.25±0.020.36±0.02<0.001*
  • Data are presented as the means±SEs.

  • *The differences in changes in cycloplegic refractive error and axial elongation between treatment groups were all statistically significantly different at 6 and 12 months.

  • AL, axial length; D, diopters; HAL, spectacle lenses with highly aspherical lenslets; SAL, spectacle lenses with slightly aspherical lenslets; SER, spherical equivalent refraction; SVL, single-vision spectacle lenses.