Table 3

Definitions of patient and surgery specific characteristics

Routine cataractComplex cataract
Surgery relatedSuitable for any level of surgeons
Consultant supervision not required for senior trainee surgeons
PCR risk score low
Consultant only or
In theatre supervision required
PCR risk score high
Surgical time <20 minAdditional time needed
Additional equipment required
Routine patientComplex patient
Patient relatedNo significant medical problemsSignificant medical conditions
(ASA grade 3 or above)35
No need for anaesthetic cover in the theatre
(ASA grade 1 or 2)35
Anaesthetic cover required due to
1. Intravenous sedation or GA required for safe surgery, for example, positioning, patient anxiety or learning disability.
2. Medical conditions requiring intraoperative monitoring by an anaesthetist (ASA grade 3 or above), for example, pacemaker.
Independently mobileMobility or positioning issues.
Overall theatre time <30 minOverall theatre time >30 min.
  • ASA, American Society of Anesthesiologists; GA, geographic atrophy; PCR, posterior capsule rupture.