Table 1

Considerations for designing post-COVID PSDMA tools

Existing criteria as per NICEPost-COVID additional considerations
The effect of the cataract on the vision and quality of lifeTo use validated patient-reported measures to quantify the effect (eg, CAT-PROM518 or Catquest-9SF19)
Cataract affecting one or both eyesTo check for degrees of current or potential postoperative anisometropia, for example, preoperative refraction
To measure binocular vision, reading vision
To measure functional visual acuity (eg, Real-Life Vision Test)
Explanation and details of cataract surgery procedure including risks and benefitsTo check co-existing ocular comorbidities that prompt or deter surgery. See table 2.
Exploration of the impact on quality of life without cataract surgeryTo know driving and working status, including types of work.
To complete fall risk scores (if applicable).
Desire to have cataract surgeryTo include actual and patient perceived COVID-19 exposure risk.17
  • PSDMA, patient surgery decision-making aides; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.