Table 1

Summary of key patient demographics and baseline characteristics

CharacteristicPooled treatment group (n=785)
Age (years), mean (SD)77.5 (8.2)
Female, n (%)449 (57.2)
White, n (%)760 (96.8)
Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, n (%)23 (2.9)
BCVA (ETDRS letters), mean (SD)54.6 (12.5)
Presence of MA, n (%)*63 (8.0)
SRF thickness at baseline (µm), n (%)†
 >0–5049 (6.7)
 >50–100189 (25.7)
 >100498 (67.7)
  • Key demographics and baseline characteristics for ranibizumab-treated patients from the HARBOR trial with SRF at baseline (defined as screening, baseline or week 1). Patients with SRF at baseline in all treatment groups were pooled in this post hoc analysis.

  • *Forty-six patients had an MA status at baseline that could not be determined.

  • †Forty-nine patients were not included due to missing SRF thickness data or a value of 0 (even though they had SRF at baseline).

  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; MA, macular atrophy; SRF, subretinal fluid.