Table 3

Relative costs of surveillance of people with previously successfully treated DMO

SensitivitySpecificityCost per 100 patients
Standard care pathway *Assumed 100%Assumed 100%£5800.00†
Grader pathway (band 7)97%31%(4.08×100) +(69‡ x 58) = £4410.00§
Cost difference£1390.00¶
  • *Standard care pathway=ophthalmologists face-to-face evaluation of patients with access to SD-OCT images.

  • †Costs for 100 patients in the standard of care pathway.

  • ‡Ophthalmologists' time of reviewing 69% of patients classified as possibly active DMO when DMO is inactive, based on specificity.

  • §Ophthalmic grader costs for reading 100 OCTs+Ophthalmologist costs for 69 x standard care visits.

  • ¶Current standard-of-care costs minus ophthalmic grader costs.

  • DMO, diabetic macular oedema; SD-OCT, spectral-domain optical coherence tomography.