Table 1

Time (in minutes) taken to complete specified activities per patient by ophthalmic photographers/imaging technicians, ophthalmic graders and ophthalmologists

Time-related activityNMeanSDMedianQ1Q3IQR
Standard care**38015.37.614.
Ophthalmic photographer/imaging technician obtaining seven-field ETDRS images26715.18.413.
Ophthalmic photographer/imaging technician obtaining UWF images27210.
Ophthalmic grader reading seven-field ETDRS images26710.
Ophthalmic grader reading UWF images2649.
Ophthalmologist reading seven-field ETDRS images26811.95.0011.09.015.06
Ophthalmologists reading UWF images26810.
Ophthalmic grader reading SD-OCT images2484.
  • The standard of care pathway includes all patients (n=380 of the full total of 397 in EMERALD; 17 are not included as the times provided for some of the procedures were considered not plausible, being either too high or too low). Note there were 272 patients eligible for grader pathway with DMO and 281 eligible with PDR.

  • *Ophthalmologists face-to-face evaluation of patients with access to SD-OCT images.

  • EMERALD, Effectiveness of Multimodal imaging for the Evaluation of Retinal oedema And new vesseLs in Diabetic retinopathy; ETDRS, Early treatment diabetic retinopathy study; Q1, Quartile 1; Q3, Quartile 3; SD-OCT, spectral domain optical coherence tomography; UWF, ultra wide field.