Table 2

Costs of procedures

ItemCost per patient (SD)Notes
Standard care* (base case)£58.00NHS 2019/2020 national tariff for an ophthalmology outpatient follow-up appointment with a consultant
Ophthalmic photographer/imaging technician obtaining seven-field ETDRS images (band 6)£12.78 (6.83)Time cost × photographer salary+equipment cost
Ophthalmic photographer/imaging technician obtaining UWF images (Band 6)£9.75 (5.85)Time cost × photographer salary+equipment cost
Reading ETDRS images by ophthalmic grader (Band 7)£10.45 (6.40)Time cost × grader salary
Reading UWF images by ophthalmic grader (Band 7)£9.10 (5.77)Time cost × grader salary
Reading ETDRS images by ophthalmologist£21.58 (9.02)Time cost × salary
Reading UWF images by ophthalmologist£18.23 (7.28)Time cost × salary
Taking SD-OCTOccurs in both pathwaysCost not included
Reading SD-OCT—grader (band 7)£4.08 (3.25)Time cost × salary
  • Equipment cost is a small % of total cost (see online supplemental appendix table A2). Salary costs include employers’ costs at 20%. Reading SD-OCT by ophthalmologist is included in the NHS reference cost for the standard care pathway.

  • *Ophthalmologists face to face evaluation of patients with access to SD-OCT images.

  • ETDRS, Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study; NHS, National Health Service; SD-OCT, spectral domain optical coherence tomography; UWF, ultrawide field.