Table 3

Diagnostic criteria for Fuchs’ uveitis syndrome (FUS) disease

Essential findingsAssociated findings
A Diffuse iris depigmentationA Mostly unilateral involvement
B Absence of posterior synechiaeB Cataract
C Mild inflammation in the anterior chamber at presentation*C Vitreous opacities
 1. Stellate or medium-sized keratic precipitates (stellate appearance or medium size, usually distributed diffusely or centrally)D Absence of acute symptoms, generally presenting without severe redness
 2. Minimal cells and flare in the aqueous (1+ or 2+)E Characteristic iris nodule†
  • All essential findings were required for the diagnosis of FUS, and were strengthened by the presence of associated findings.

  • *Mild inflammation in the anterior chamber at presentation must be determined in accordance with one and/or two at initial visit or from the clinical records obtained from referring hospitals.

  • †Characteristic iris nodule was defined as small white nodules at the pupillary margin (Koeppe nodules) or white dots scattered on the anterior surface of the iris (Busacca nodules), showing a fluffy appearance.