Table 1

Demographic, clinical and ocular characteristics and comparison of vessel density (%) evaluated by OCT-A and amount of ONH Hb (%) determined by Laguna ONhE program between glaucoma and normal groups

Normal (n=41)Glaucoma (n=67)P value
Gender (M/F)9/3227/400.05*
Age (years)59.20±10.7367.42±10.350.511†
Glaucoma medications54 (80.6%)
Glaucoma surgery11 (16.4%)
MD (dB)4.57±2.03
HTA (yes/no)9/3215/520.959*
DM (yes/no)9/3211/560.473*
Hypercholesterolemy (yes/no)12/2911/560.113*
IOP (mm Hg)14.54±1.7715.12±2.050.136†
Disc area (mm2)2.12±0.342.22±0.360.242†
Vertical C/D0.42±0.130.72±0.11<0.0001†
Horizontal C/D0.49±0.150.76±0.13<0.0001†
Laguna ONhE
 Total Hb (%)71.10±1.6768.86±2.46<0.001†
 Cup Hb (%)68.14±5.2564.77±5.080.001†
 Hb 311–40° (T) (%)63.84±3.5965.08±2.760.046†
 Hb 41–80° (%)72.43±2.2670.64±3.330.003†
 Hb 81–120° (%)78.50±2.8975.99±3.71<0.001†
 Hb 121–230º (%)76.97±2.9975.17±2.430.001†
 Hb 231–270° (%)77.64±2.7475.78±3.490.004†
 Hb 271–310° (%)70.75±2.3268.82±3.720.003†
Vessel density
 wcpVD (%)22.18±3.4216.03±2.89<0.001†
 iVD (%)18.31±5.5612.52±4.67<0.001†
 wmVD (%)15.60±2.3413.34±2.32<0.001†
  • 2.

  • †Student’s t-test.

  • All above measurements are represented by mean±SD.

  • C/D, cup to disc ratio; cup Hb, amount of Hb at the optic nerve cup; DM, diabetes mellitus; GDF, glaucoma discriminant function; HTA, arterial hypertension; iVD, papilar vessel density; MD, mean defect; total Hb, total amount of Hb at the ONH; wcpVD, circumpapillary vessel density; wmVD: macular vessel density.