Table 2

Mean values of the average 360° RNFL thickness and the RNFL thickness in the superior, nasal, inferior and temporal quadrants in healthy controls and patients with LHON at different disease progressions

GroupGroup controlWithin 3 months (1st group)3–6 months (2nd group)6–9 months (3rd group)9–12 months (4th group)12–24 months (5th group)24–60 months (6th group)>60 months (7th group)
RNFL average thickness (µm)103.10±9.11109.92±27.3984.77±32.61*64.30±21.03*51.36±13.77*50.16±16.54*39.83±10.31*44.10±14.02*
RNFL S thickness (µm)132.79±12.91148.92±36.52116.08±41.2492.48±34.08*69.30±22.65*71.12±27.61*50.13±17.36* 61.90±25.40*
RNFL N thickness (µm)57.48±8.6372.50±15.61*56.08±19.3347.33±20.7837.61±13.73*35.51±16.63*28.26±15.80*28.10±16.14*
RNFL I thickness (µm)134.02±20.96147.92±40.91118.31±48.4780.04±29.32*69.97±21.37*63.37±21.72*49.74±13.13*56.71±17.50*
RNFL T thickness (µm)87.67±14.7869.33±30.23*48.77±40.22*37.19±13.44*28.76±6.26*33.57±8.66*30.89±9.33*29.51±6.96*
  • *P<0.05 when compared with healthy controls.

  • †P<0.05 when 6th group and 7th group were compared with 5th group, disease duration 12–24 months.

  • Data are shown as mean±SD. Values were compared by one-way analysis of covariance, followed by Bonferroni posthoc test. Sex and age were used as covariates in the analysis.

  • Group control, healthy control; I, inferior; LHON, Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy; N, nasal; RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; S, superior; T, temporal; 1st group, disease duration ≤3 months; 2nd group, disease duration 3–6 months; 3rd group, disease duration 6–9 months; 4th group, disease duration 9–12 months; 5th group, disease duration 12–24 months; 6th group, disease duration 24–60 months; 7th group, disease duration >60 months.