Table 1

Comparison of the ISO and ANISO groups

ISO groupANISO groupSignificance
Total number of subjects257105
Women (n)13252
Men (n)125530.75
Mean SD Mean SD
Age (years)7.070.397.070.370.92
Average SE refraction (D)*
SE right eye (D)*
SE left eye (D)*
Absolute interocular difference (D)<1e-04*
Average cylinder (D)0.620.370.750.490.01*
Interocular cylinder difference (D)0.310.290.430.420.02*
Average axial length (mm)22.590.7122.420.760.06
  • Significance testing for gender: χ² test. All other parameters: Wilcoxon signed-rank test.

  • ANISO group, interocular difference of ≥0.50 D; ISO group, interocular difference of <0.50 D.