Table 3

Integrative assessment of overall prediction results of fundus photography and fundus autofluorescence (FAF) imaging

ABCA4 EYS RP1L1 Normal
Fundus photographySensitivity (%)88889483
Specificity (%)100989397
Fundus autofluorescence imagingSensitivity (%)98716593
Specificity (%)95999684
  • High specificity (>90%) was identified for both fundus photography and FAF imaging in ABCA4 retinopathy, EYS retinopathy and RP1L1 retinopathy. High sensitivity (>90%) of FAF imaging in ABCA4 retinopathy, of fundus photography in RP1L1 retinopathy and of FAF imaging in the normal category was detected. Low sensitivity (<80%) was identified in EYS retinopathy, and considerably low sensitivity (<60%) was detected in RP1L1 retinopathy.