Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the overall cohort of patients with peripapillary pachychoroid syndrome

Age, years65±11
Eye, right/left28/28
Gender, male/female, %male46/10, 82%
Baseline median visual acuity, Snellen (range)20/36 (20/20–20/250)
6-month visual acuity, Snellen (range)20/32 (20/20–20/160)
Final visual acuity, Snellen (range)20/32 (20/20–20/400)
Follow-up duration, months27±17
Phakic refractive error, D+0.64 ± 1.94 (44 available eyes)
Axial length, mm22.3±1.1 (9 available eyes)