Table 4

Proportion of eyes with subretinal or intraretinal fluid in the subfoveal and nasal macula in the overall cohort at baseline, 6 months and last follow-up. Subfoveal SRF, nasal macular SRF and nasal macular IRF were significantly decreased at 6 months and last follow-up.

Subfoveal SRFSubfoveal IRFNasal macular SRFNasal macular IRF
Baseline27/56 (48%)10/56 (18%)13/56 (23%)47/56 (84%)
6 months13/48 (27%) p=0.00985/48 (11%) p=0.135/48 (10%) p=0.04629/48 (60%) p=0.0098
Last follow-up9/56 (16%) p<0.0015/56 (9%) p=0.185/56 (9%) p=0.04335/56 (63%) p=0.015
  • P value for comparison by McNemar test from baseline to 6 months and to last follow-up.

  • IRF, intraretinal fluid; SRF, subretinal fluid.