Table 1

Comparison of central cornea thickness and axial length in the KeraVio and control groups in rabbit eyes

KeraVio groupControl groupP value*
Central corneal thickness (μm)Baseline323.0±23.4329.4±11.60.675
One week after treatment329.2±27.7344.0±26.10.587
Change from baseline to 1 week6.2±38.114.6±24.00.530
P value†0.8930.281
Axial length (mm)Baseline14.74±0.1614.64±0.420.251
One week after treatment15.33±0.3315.20±0.270.530
Change from baseline to 1 week0.59±0.370.56±0.250.754
P value†0.0430.043
  • *Compared between the two groups.

  • †Comparison between baseline and 1 week after treatment.