Table 1

Clinical features of 32 patients with optic disc melanocytoma

Gender, n (%)
 Male14 (44)
 Female18 (56)
Age (years)
 All patients, median (range)51.5 (18–65)
 Male patients, median (range)55.5 (33–65)
 Female patients, median (range)49 (18–64)
Involved eye, n (%)
 Right17 (53)
 Left15 (47)
Associated systemic findings, n
 Aortic aneurysm1
Visual acuity, n (%)
 20/2016 (50)
 20/40, below 20/2016 (50)
 Below 20/400 (0)
BVN formation, n (%)
 Complete16 (50)
 Incomplete16 (50)
Associated ocular findings, n in complete/n in incomplete BVN group
 Optic disc oedema4/7
 Peripapillary subretinal fluid0/3
Hypofluorescence on FA, n in complete/n in incomplete BVN group3/12
Leakage through vessels within the tumour, n in complete/n in incomplete BVN group5/8
Tumour thickness (mm)
 All patients, mean±SD (range)1.19±0.47 (0.37–2.21)
 Incomplete BVN group, mean±SD (range)1.44±0.42 (0.70–2.21)
 Complete BVN group, mean±SD (range)0.94±0.38 (0.37–1.50)
  • BVN, blood vessel network; DM, diabetes mellitus; FA, fluorescein angiography; HTN, hypertension; RVO, retinal vein obstruction.