Table 1

Summary of patients treated with limbal stem cell transplant (LSCT) using a modified amnion-assisted conjunctival epithelium redirection (ACER) technique for total limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD)

PatientIndicationPreop CDVA (logMAR)LSCTDonorTime to CH*
Final follow-up
Final CDVA
3SJSHMAllograft (living-related)Brother1.829.2HMNo
4Congenital aniridiaCFAllograft (living-related)Father1.111.5CFYes
6CL overuseCFAllograft (living-related)Mother0.712.40.7Partial
7Ocular surface papilloma/CIN1.0Autograft0.736.50.1Yes
8Congenital aniridiaHMAllograft (living-related)Mother1.144.4CFNo
9Conjunctival melanomaHMAutograft1.825.00.3Yes
10Congenital aniridiaCFAllograft (living-related)Son3.46.2CFPartial
  • *Time taken for complete corneal re-epithelialisation following ACER surgery.

  • †Success is defined as healthy or stable corneal epithelium without conjunctivalisation or epithelial defect. Partial success is defined as stable corneal epithelium with partial conjunctivalisation sparing the visual axis. No success or failure refers to complete re-conjunctivalisation of the cornea.

  • CDVA, corrected-distance-visual-acuity (in logMAR); CEI, chemical eye injury; CF, counting fingers; CH, complete healing; CIN, conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia; CL, contact lens; HM, hand movement; SJS, Steven-Johnson syndrome.