Table 2

Comparison of parameters used to evaluate dry eye in the control and omega-3 groups

Baseline8 weeksP value
TBUT (s)Control3.71±1.663.62±1.830.834
P value0.3860.641
Schirmer’s test (mm)Control9.56±5.9710.53±7.650.639
P value0.9580.324
Oxford scoreControl0.94±0.650.76±0.550.184
Omega-31.16±1.050.44±0.62 0.004
P value0.534 0.027
OSDI scoreControl13.15±8.9814.74±11.290.450
Omega-324.06±12.5817.84±10.45 0.007
P value <0.001 0.252
DEQ scoreControl7.59±3.887.24±4.860.653
Omega-313.13±5.309.35±5.95 0.004
P value <0.001 0.121
  • DEQ, Dry Eye Questionnaire; OSDI, Ocular Surface Disease Index; TBUT, tear break-up time. Bold values denote statistical significance at the p < 0.05 level.