Table 3

Changes of parameters from baseline in control group and omega-3 group

Control groupOmega-3 groupP value
TBUT (s)−0.09±2.560.41±1.650.440
Schirmer’s test (mm)0.57±7.042.54±7.520.369
Oxford score−0.14±0.78−0.63±1.16 0.037
OSDI score1.58±12.07−6.22±12.26 0.011
DEQ score−0.36±4.57−3.78±6.91 0.020
  • DEQ, Dry Eye Questionnaire; OSDI, Ocular Surface Disease Index; TBUT, tear break-up time. Bold values denote statistical significance at the p < 0.05 level.