Table 3

Population-average of the EERO among women and men aged 77 years with no ocular comorbidities and population-average difference in EERO between patients with the specified two ocular comorbidities compared with patients without the specified ocular comorbidities, all else being equal

Posterior mean/mean difference95% credible interval
Population-average of EERO in reference patients
Women aged 77 years with no ocular comorbidities*−0.30/0.45×4−0.32/0.46×5 to –0.29/0.45×4
Men aged 77 years with no ocular comorbidities*−0.13/0.40×5−0.14/0.40×5 to −0.12/0.40×4
Population-average difference in EERO
Previous vitrectomy surgery and high myopia−0.10/0.06×62−0.14/0.07×58 to −0.070/0.04×68
Previous trabeculectomy surgery and glaucoma−0.17/0.11×105−0.21/0.10×98 to −0.14/0.13×111
Previous vitrectomy surgery and pseudoexfoliation/phacodonesis+0.041/0.02×65−0.0087/0.04×53 to +0.078/0.01×120
Pseudoexfoliation/phacodonesis and glaucoma−0.024/0.04×103−0.053/0.03×89 to +0.0017/0.05×113
  • Results reported as compound numbers: sphere/cylinder×axis.

  • *With a subjective refraction observed within 3 months of operation.

  • EERO, error of expected refractive outcome.