Table 1

Differences between eyes with or without postoperative visual field defect

Postoperative visual field defect
(−)(+)P value
Eyes (%)8 (26.7%)22 (73.3%)
Age (y/o, mean)64.8±2.766.6±2.50.511
Sex (male; eyes (%))6 (75.0)9 (40.9)0.098
BCVA (LogMAR, mean)0.277±0.0650.174±0.0400.851
CRT (μm, mean)414±39362±310.590
CCT (μm, mean)204±16172±100.122
MD (dB)−1.53±0.89−2.48±0.350.122
PSD (dB)2.08±0.242.43±0.190.360
 Simultaneous cataract surgery (eyes (%))6 (75.0)13 (59.1)0.639
 ILM peeling (eyes (%))3 (37.5)17 (77.3)0.041*
 25-gauge PPV system (eyes (%))4 (50.0)5 (22.7)0.149
 Brilliant Blue G staining6 (75.0)22 (100.0)0.064
  • *p<0.05.

  • Data are expressed as mean±SE. Mann-Whitney U test or χ2 test was performed.

  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CRT, central retinal thickness; CCT, central choroidal thickness; ILM, internal limiting membrane; LogMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; MD, mean deviation; PSD, pattern SD; PPV, pars plana vitrectomy; y/o, years old.